Focused market of the Dripitex® Root Zone Irrigation Mat is the sector of gardening and landscaping in arid and semi-arid climatic zones. As in the sandy soils of these regions the water-saving effect is most significant. Added to that is the agricultural sector. Valuable contacts to strawberry and vine growers have already been established.

Terrain that is extremely difficult to irrigate with conventional irrigation systems can be easily developed with Dripitex® irrigation mats.

Osakaallee Hamburg 

Osakaallee 5b 3

Hamburg, Osakaallee before, afterwards 

  • More efficient installation due to the low installation height of Dripitex® irrigation mats.
  • Increase in the water storage capacity of the conventional substrate
  • Elimination of fastening problems on roofs
  • Enabling green roofs even in hot climates

DAchbegrünung Mallorca

P1000015 Copier


France, Bourg St. Maurice

When surface water is not desired, such as on busy lawns in parks, hotel and recreational facilities, our irrigation solution provides daily and unlimited use.

Darmstadt 4a 

Darmstadt 4b

Darmstadt, State Theater 

  • Due to improved deep root development, Dripitex® irrigation mats allow to save one out of three annually required lawn changes
  • Annual savings potential: 80,000 euros
  • By using Dripitex® irrigation mats, golf courses can be irrigated and played on at the same time
  • This saves the golf course operator the investment in an additional 9-hole course or enables additional income from it

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Soccer stadiums

 Golf courses

For areas that are very difficult to irrigate, the Dripitex® irrigation mat offers the perfect solution. Innovative subsurface irrigation for less water and more green.

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50 Kesselsdorfer Straße Dresden

Dresden, Kesselsdorfer Straße 

Our Dripitex® irrigation mats are designed to accommodate a variety of diverse and difficult to irrigate areas.


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Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque 

Our mats can also be used in private gardens.

Klecany Praha Czech Republic 2

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Prague, Schloss Klecany

France, St. Tropez 

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